Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ipod Cozy

Here the Ipod cozy I mentioned yesterday. The girls and I made the felt from $3 of pink roving and $3 of purple roving. Felt's not tough to make - I layered roving on top of my sushi roller, topped it with screening, and swooshed it around at the bottom of the bathtub filled with hot, soapy water. (I normally don't use dish soap in the tub after the cute, but messy experiment pictured here). This process is called felting. After that, I rolled the felt into toweling and "fulled" it. I'd go online to get better instructures. I don't feel inclined to make more felt because there's not much I do with it - too itchy for clothing. Attracts too much Bluedog hair for home decorating.

The cozy is made of layers sandwiched together, forming a windowed pocket for the ipod, and a pocket for earphones. Felt won't unravel so you can cut holes for plugs. A ribbon's there to hold it around your neck. I used plastic for windows because the cozy frayed and wasn't strong enough to hold the ipod in securely.

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