Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Just because I haven't written in a while doesn't mean I have made stuff. But mending is decidedly unsexy. I did stitch nightgown straps and seams back together. I pinned up the sofa slipcover even if it's not yet sewn (I might just hand sew it so I don't have to take it off the couch). When Elia was home sick last week I finally made the slipcover to the chair but did a terrible job. I accidentally put the opening to the seat cushion in the front. Thankfully, it doesn't look too bad. I bought pillow stuffing at St. Vinnies and finished stuffing and closing a set of Guatemalan wool ikat pillows. The fabric'd been free.

The big project for me has been setting up my new home computer and installing a wireless router. I've had dial-up and a dog of a Win 98 system at home for years and feel like I'm coming into technicolor now.


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