Friday, June 23, 2006

Links and vacation - links and articles about crafts - a new magazine - crafts to do with kids - soft porn rug hooking

These seem like fun, and worth checking out. I find that blogging sites is a lot like having an online "favorites" list.

We're going on vacation starting tomorrow. Can't wait! John, Greta, Elia, BlueDog and I are driving north and ending up in Seaside, Oregon, a resort town his mom used to live in. The fourth of July will be the fourth day in a row of massive fireworks. We're bringing bikes, rollerblades, etc and going to rip up and down the promenade on wheels. I think we'll bring Elia's mehndi kit Aunt Jen gave her for her 5th bday last week and stain our skins and soak up the sun.


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