Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Catch up

I guess I'm doing a number of entries all at one time. The girls are asleep in bed. I'm watching Shall We Dance, a decidedly mediocre film. I don't think I've made much in the last month - keeping up with mountains of laundry, making dinner, working out, working. I did make another tasty sorbet from scratch: nectarine/Triple Sec with swirls of syrup of cherry. It's really good. And Greta and Elia as enamoured of my Pico De Gallo: 1 yellow onion, 1 lb. tomatoes, 1 bunch cilantro, salt, pepper, vinegar to taste, all mixed up in the cuisinart. Perfect on top of corn fritters: fresh corn sliced off the cob, 1 egg per cob, some flour, salt, pepper, fry like pancakes in butter.

The picture's from June, when Poppa took the girls and I on a walk in the Redwoods. I love the colors in the photo. The dress is about 8 years old and one that I made from 3 yards of 60" black linen that I got for free. With a pattern I drafted myself and buttons that were only $3, that dress has gotten me to meetings, the beach, hot weather and cold. It's the perfect pattern. let me know if you want me to draw up the pattern. I usually draft patterns on newspaper (taped together if I need a bigger piece), and then fitted against myself or my dressmaker's figure.

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  1. I love the photo. Could you send me a high resolution copy?