Saturday, December 30, 2006


Here are some December photos.

I made "tubby tea" for gifts for folks by mixing aromatic flowers with kosher salt into little, tied bags. We painted seashells with iridescent paint as ornaments. I also made "office boxes" out of painted wooden cigar boxes I got for $1 at Michaels. I hot-glued magnets to the box and to tape, a stapler, pen, staples, paperclips, a letter opener and scissors and made a "latch" for envelopes and made mailing labels. You can pick it up and have everything you need, all in one place.

The picture of the girls in front of the tree is one I took for Greta to email to D. Dynamite, her favorite XM Kids DJ. Greta-from-Trinidad-California called and requested her favorite song (Nerves by Terri Hickman) all the time. Greta'd chat with D. Dynamite and tell her about "heelie"-ing in the living room. D. Dynamite said - on the radio - what a cool mom Greta has for lettting her rollerskate all around the house. Cool mom - that's me.

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