Monday, February 05, 2007

List of some of my favorite things



Diet Pepsi


Chartreuse green

A warm Orange

Thinking in Spanish

Getting into a sewing groove

Glitter eyeliner in daytime.

Getting a grant

Having my doggie roll onto her back for a belly rub

When John kisses my neck

The thought of the camaraderie of roller derby

Having Conversation Heart conversations with my sister

Being around the PTO ladies, who are so inspiring to me

Bar jokes

The coffee table my dad made for me

My abalone necklace – only $10!

Giving Greta and Elia popsicles in the tubby

A good salad

Homemade tortillas


The first crab of the season

Going to Costco with JB

How silly and respectful Tory and I are with each other

My prom dress, which I’m resurrecting after 17 years to wear to the Trinidad School Ball

Having Elia drool on my arm in her sleep

How Greta helps other children

Being part of a community and being known


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