Saturday, March 28, 2009

4-gore, 1-hour skirt

Last weekend I made a skirt for Greta's friend's 10th birthday...
  • I cut 4 identical "triangles" of cotton batik to a few inches longer than the finished skirt length. The flattened "top" of the "triangle" is 1/2 of my estimate of the friend's waist size.

  • I cut two large squares of fabric for patch pockets and free-formed a curvy design on them. I turned them right-side in, ironed them, stitched the top closed and then patched them onto the two front skirt panels.
  • I flat-fell seamed all four panels together.
  • Hemmed.
  • Turned waistband under and stitched.
  • Inserted elastic.
The process took 1 hour from start to finish. As per usual, I was surley and sewing like a madwoman for the last 25%. After all, don't you curse like a sailor when hemming?

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