Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vessel sinks. Meh.

We got all DIY and crafted a vessel sink out of a $20 bowl from Target, $65 in plumbing and an old record cabinet I found on the streetcorner in McKinleyville. I'd sanded the cabinet (it was 80s Southwest style), stained it teal using watercolors and latex and poured a coat of Envirotex on top for more waterproofing.
A year later, I'm not so in love with it. Vessel sinks don't drain nicely unless they're designed to do so. This wasn't. And it's aged in an unattractive fashion as a result. Next time I'll pony up for the good stuff. Or maybe I should get a big, thick WOOD bowl and carve out a recess for the drain to sit and then put spar varnish over the whole thing?

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