Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Overly ambitious weekend

Had a busy weekend without half the family home. Made another bath mat by felting the last of my roving. Looking forward to shearing season so I can get fleece from my Romney ewe, Mitt, for more felting. (Mitt the Romney, get it?)

I also stripped finish off dresser drawers on one dresser. I also purchased, cut and installed wood shelves in the new closet. I had to download the chop saw's owners manual since Husband had stored it and I don't want to ask him for advice on how to unlock it for fear he'd say for me to wait for him to come home. I also moved all our clothes into said new closet.  Yes, he has ninty zillion Hawaiian print shirts.  So many that we abbrev and just refer to them as BHPs:  Best Hawaiian Prints.

AND I stripped the paint off an old dresser. It was avocado with orange knobs when I was a baby in 1973, was dove grey in high school and marbleized pink in college. I used citristrip to revive paint but couldn't finish the job over the weekend because the residue needs to dry for me for at least a week to be sanded of and clear-coated. But I see how it will look great in the future...

All in all, it was a satisfyingly tiring and productive weekend that makes me refreshed and ready for more slog in front of the computer for a work week.

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