Friday, March 17, 2006

Beaded Sconce

I bought $8 worth of misc. glass beads at Michael's in a kit. I don't tend to buy beads at the myriad bead shops because they refuse to sell kits and make me pick out beads individually. I'm not into that. The girls and I strung beads on a thin wire, then hot glued it in a spiral around the outside of a jelly jar-style sconce I bought for $5 at Fred Meyer's. I also made one in blues that's very pretty.

I enjoyed the process of beading wire that I gave my Board Xmas 04 gifts of beads and wire so they could do a project during a meeting, too. I always find that if I keep my hands busy I pay better attention to presentors. With just a pen in hand I take notes and make to-do lists rather than pay attention. The perfect project for a 1.5 breakout learning session at a national conference is a crocheted baby hat. $.75 of thrift store yarn, a hook and spiraling single or double crochets and you're got a good start.

I'm working from home today and it's very refreshing and productive. John's home too. He's going to paint a room across the street this afternoon and changed the swing direction of a door downstairs this morning. We plan on going to HealthSport this afternoon for Pixie's Hatha yoga class. With Kids Corner open, we've got babysitting for GretaandElia and a much-needed yogadate for Mommy and Daddy. John picked the girls up yesterday and I got to work late and go to Groove Yoga and come home with a nice yoga buzz.

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