Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tin Cans

I have a ton of tin cans around the house because Bluedog’s 8 years old now and prefers canned dog food. We put the can in the dishwasher, when empty. Elia empties the dishwasher (after a great deal of nagging) and has chosen to remove the label from all cans citing that cans should be saved for projects. Our can stash is now huge – and saved for projects – so I have to come up with projects to do with GretaandElia that involve cans. At Xmas gifts we glued alphabet letters to cans, spray painted them gold and then painted over that with purple or blue paints. But there’s a limit to how many pencil holders one family needs, and I don’t care for luminaries because I’m justifiably afraid of open flames in my home, so we need to come up with more ideas. I did a google and came up with several ideas I want to try:

Tin Can Flowers:,1789,HGTV_3257_4021144,00.html

The Fine Art of the Tin Can:

Sculptures and jewelry: She also does cool stained glass. I have stained glass tools (thanks JB! That was the best birthday and valentines gifts ever – you’re still coasting on those ones!) but decline to do too much of it because GretaandElia would start playing with glass shards and pokeaneyeout.

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