Monday, April 17, 2006

Bringing Up Ben & Birdy

Bringing Up Ben & Birdy

I just had the pleasure of lunch with Sandy, who turned me onto this blog. And then it turns out we both guiltily read USA Today's Pop Candy and I think this might be a secret pleasure shared by many working moms with highspeed....

Didn't make too much this last weekend. Painted some eggs in swirly colors and wrote names on them in dimensional paint. Those paints were $.77 each at Walmart, so I let Greta and Elia each choose one color. No suprise that they were both pink. Last night I stayed up late watching downloaded episodes from Season 3 of Felicity and strung iridescent purple seed beads on wire. I strung up about a yard of 'em. I don't know what I'll do with it, but beaded wire has tons of uses: crystal hanger, curtain tiebacks, electrical cord corral, gift wrapping ribbon, whatever.
This picture is of Greta and Elia on Saturday's Trinidad Easter Egg hunt. It occurred in the nmiddle of the most dreadful pummeling hail/rain I've seen almost all winter. It was so much fun! Everybody was manic and laughing and having a blast. I got so drenched my bra got soaked through the coat and shirt. Indicative of Humboldt, there were as many kids as last year, when it was sunny.


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