Monday, August 28, 2006


John insisted that Greta and Elia have quality backpacks for school instead of the pretty P.O.C. ones I picked up at Fred Meyers. POC means Piece of Crap and is an acronym we developed to avoid saying "Crap" around the kids. So now they'll refer to POC Barbie (the one bought at the Dollar Store) and even POC food. So John bought service-able pink Jansport backpacks at Costco but they were so plain that the girls and I decorated them. Greta's has a butterfly stenciled with glitter glue and hearts out of leftover felt from my ipod case. Elia's has glitter hearts, an eyeball (her favorite word) and her name in hot-glued buttons. The latter is because when you ask her to introduce herself with first and last names she'll say not Elia Bishop" but instead will say "Ellie Button. " Although sometimes she'll call herself "Eyeball," too.

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