Saturday, December 30, 2006

Long time V. 2

At the end of summer my family went to Seaside, OR again and Tory drove down with her niece, Eve, to visit. We hit the Lewis And Clark Salt Boil reenactment and now I know how to make salt over an open fire. The stuff tastes mineral-y but good. I've also played with Hawaiian red salt and am enjoying the crystal size of kosher salt these days. It sticks nicely to food and forms a decent crust on yam fries.
The quilt is one I made for Annalisa and Jeff's new son out of fabric from Hawaii that Jer and Ellen brought back for me.
I made fleece cloaks for the girls for Halloween. I was the granny, Bluedog was the Big Bad Wolf, Greta was Little Red Riding Hood and Elia was a cheerleader. Yes, in the exact same cloak as her sister. I lined the hood in white microfiber fur. The lining wasn't part of the pattern. I cut the lining from the regular hood piece but made the part near the face about 3" larger and then stitched it to lap over the front so it would show more of the white. Then I attached it to the neck by stitching in the ditch.

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