Thursday, January 04, 2007

Patty Thurlby

In my "My Pictures" folder I have a file called "Other People's Crafts." Here are some of the more amazing pictures from it. I took them - with permission - at the Sun Rose Gallery on Boradway in Seaside, Oregon. We went there for New Years and drove home the day after, arriving at 2am. There's no stoppin' you when you're headed home.

The artist is Patty Thurlby and her email address is The gallery will be at

These valances and other items are comprised of stained glass, iridescent beads, silver spoons, driftwood and wire. They inspired me to buy a Dremel with my Christmas money so I could drill holes in stained glass and suspend them from jump rings but it turns out that Patty edges her glass in copper tape and uses the wire to suspend it instead of drills holes. That's OK - I want to drill holes in agates and use the dremel to clean the rust off the trailer frame before I re-prime it. Click on any of the pictures for more detail about what Patty's done. It's inspiring and cool.

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