Sunday, January 07, 2007

What I'm working on now

tonight, while watching a Dawson's Creek DVD (I'm a sucker for TV on DVD after the girls are asleep: latchhooking strips of cotton scraps into a 18" square canvas grid, to be used maybe for slippers someday?

this afternoon: painting the frame of an old bulletin board with chartreuse gloss enamel, then doing designs over it with dimensional irridescent and glitter paints in gold, fuschia, navy and turquoise, with an edging of gold sequins around the whole thing. Looks OK but the center of the board is mundane. I'll ponder what next with it. I toured the Chartreuse factory (an old abbey) in France once.

A few weeks ago: a long skirt comprised of gores of different Elvis fabrics. He turns 72 tomorrow! Gotta make a cake! My next step, when I get around to it, is to cut layers horizontally and offset them so it's checkerboard Elvis gores.

Also tonight: baguettes from the King Arthur flour bag recipe.

Tomorrow: spinach enchiladas for 2 sets of friends that are new first time parents. A big shout-out to Tim, Lisa and son Dorian (12/20) and to Jeff, Annalisa and son Noa (12/17). These couples were due 3 days apart for later in January and both birthed early in December. Man, I remember the first months as a new parent. I sure appreciate the age my babies are at now: Greta can make her own spinach in the microwave and Elia made waffles for breakfast yesterday. (yes, I helped).

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