Thursday, February 01, 2007

The performing arts

Mimi reminds me that starting at about age 4 I was very into doing Fashion Shows. I remember doing them as a teenager, even. I would take yardage and drape and tie it around my body and then prance into the kitchen, pose, make everybody admire me and then go and create a new outfit. That's about as much of a performing artist as I ever was.

Greta and Elia, however, are quite taken with dance. They were in a creative movement class earlier this year and yesterday we hit our first Belly Dancing Class. It was amazing! We learned the "shoo shoo shimmy," "snake arms," "push the cake away" and other moves. It's such an elegant art form and entertaining to watch even when amateurs do it. My mom even took a few belly dancing lessons in the late '70s. I still have her old music album. I'll have to break it out so we can practice at home. John will like practice, at least.

Had the neighbor kids over for a while this evening. Broke out the old clay tools and some air-dry clay I got for $2 at a discount sale. They had fun and tried to make something but really just made a mess.

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